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Remember how easy it was to receive your colonic.  The fear and embarrassment turned out to be a  fun eye opening experience. You saw the waist/waste leave your body during your colonic session.

It consists of gentle infusion of warm sterile water into the rectum through a pencil size rectal tube using a FDA approved Open System Libbe machine. During the session you were able to control the temperature and the amount of water that flows inside. You release where you are laying and see all elimination through a 2 inch view tube.
Amazed at the CHANGE that occurred in just one hour.
Remember if our DIGESTIVE tract is backed up all kinds of HEALTH problems begin to occur.

La Paz Spa is able to provide a safe and effective method of colon cleansing. Using only FDA approved Libbe equipment, sterile disposable rectal tubes and under the direct supervision of our certified colon hydro-therapist, this procedure will aid in eliminating toxins and waste products, while providing hydration.

One Colonic Session – $77

Special Colonic packages:

3 sessions – $195
4 sessions – $260
6 sessions – $390
9 sessions – $540
12 sessions -$660
15 sessions -$750

A Colonic Session lasts from 45 to 60 minutes.

We suggest that you do not eat Food for 2 hours before session liquid is ok.

We have a 24-Hour Cancellation Policy.

To book a session at the Laguna Hills or Seal Beach Centers call (949) 228 1654 and ask for Debbie Drew known as Queen of Poo.