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About Us

Debbie Drew La Paz SpaColon Hydro-Therapist, Licensed Nurse, Massage Therapist 

In 1997 Debbie was 199  lbs and on 7 different prescription medications for pain, depression, anxiety, body tremors, constipation, and insomnia. At this time in her life she found herself in and out of hospital with several bouts of intense abdominal pain from IBS. Debbie’s breaking point came when she was literally digging waste out of a elder lady in a nursing home using an enema with little results. Debbie discovered she had all the same symptoms and was on many of the same medications.

With her will of a lion, she then decided something had to change.

Debbie then quit all 7 medications, her job, stopped her habit of emotional eating, began swimming in her pool daily, and started the Isogenics Detox program. Less than 1 year, she lost 25 pounds and had become a certified massage therapist.  Debbie then started the first La Paz Spa Total Body Detox Center in Orange County California. Six months into running the spa she went to Vegas for a body dynamics trade show. While she was at the show she experienced her first colonic, this experience changed her life. She returned to California and trained to become a certified I-ACT colon hydrotherapist . She also purchased the Libbe Open System for the La Paz Spa Total Body Detox Center. With regular colon hydrotherapy sessions she lost an additional 30 pounds over the next year. After cleaning out her gut she had more energy and her body become truly healthy.

Debbie’s passion is to help people POOP. Debbie’s mission with the La Paz Total Body Detox centers and this Live Lighter 24/7 Detox Guide is to inspire you to transform your lifestyle choices which will improve your health from the Inside Out.  Use Colonics as a tool to help you livelighter247.

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