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In order to participate in the Live Lighter 24/7 Detox Programs we ask you to sign up here so we can match you with a Detox Buddy and place you in a Detox Group. Once your program has begun we ask you to return to the site and login in for daily guidance and support.



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Welcome to the Live Lighter 24/7 Detox Guide

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Welcome to the “Detox Guide.” We are excited you have arrived and want to offer you new solutions to the care of the body as a temple.

Is your digestion poor?

Do you want more energy?

Do you want to loose weight and feel healthier?

Do you want to detox your body but you do not know where to start?

The goal of the Live Lighter 24/7Total Body Detox Guide is to transform your daily lifestyle choices with Total Body Detox Education and Detox Programs. We offer a variety of holistic approaches to improve your health from the Inside Out.

With the La Paz Spa Total Body Detox Guide we  offer on-going Detox Blog Posts, Lifestyle Transformation Classes and  Organ Specific Detox Programs.

For more information on our detox services please call  La Paz Spa – 949-228-1654 and ask for Debbie, or email for more information.

Enjoy the site and remember with healthy life choices you will Live Lighter 24/7.


We are a group of holistic health practitioners, a detox tribe of sorts, working collectively to educate people on holistic approaches to achieve greater health and wellness.Our home base is the La Paz Spa Total Body Detox Centers located in Seal Beach and Laguna Hills, California. At the centers we offer on going Lifestyle Transformation Classes and Total Body Detox Programs. Our common thread as practitioners is that we have all had to deal with very poor health at one time in our lives.Sometime we joke that we are the “walking dead or the twice born” because we have each been given a second chance for the body – our living temple to rejuvenate from the Inside Out.






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